Private Sightseeing Tours

In Autos Eladio we offer you an array of private sightseeing tours along the most beautiful places on the coast and the best restaurants and most famous Museums and buildings (like the Guggenheim Museum) of the Basque Country. We suggest you four examples, though we can also offer you tailor-made sightseeing tours:

  BILBAO tour   | VIZCAYA tour   | GUIPUZCOA tour   | LA RIOJA ALAVESA tour  

Bilbao Private Sightseeing Tour

This sightseeing tour usually lasts between 4 and 8 hours and includes a panoramic view of Bilbao from the nearby mount Artxanda and a sightseeing tour of the most renowned buildings, with the celebrated Guggenheim Museum at the head of it, followed by the Fine Arts Museum, the Maritime Museum and the Euskalduna Conference Centre and Concert Hall. We also can also provide a walking tour of the picturesque Old Quarter of the city.

This private sightseeing tour may also include your transfer from/to the airport or any other location.

Sightseeing tour

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